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  • 2018 05-14

    Consideration of electronic connectors when designing circuits

    The reason is simple: the products are getting smaller. Nowadays, the innumerable electronic devices such as smart phones, tablet PCs, and blood glucose detectors have become increasingly stringent in terms of size, and the internals have become more and more compact, leaving little space for connectors. This trend also appears in the defense and a...

  • 2019 03-08

    linear slide potentiometer

    The disadvantages of potentiometers are: 1. The accuracy is not good and can not be used as precise servo control (such as the main position feedback device of the manipulator). 2. When the brush moves, it keeps in contact with the resistance and causes wear. 3. Potentiometer output will be affected by environment. 4. Analog to digital conversi...

  • 2019 03-09

    50k ohm potentiometer 50k欧姆电位计

    Main parameter: The main parameters of 50K ohm potentiometer are nominal resistance, rated power, resolution, sliding noise, resistance change characteristics, wear resistance, zero resistance and temperature coefficient. Rated power of: 1.50k ohm potentiometer The maximum allowable dissipation power at the two fixed ends of the ...