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Advantages and problems of vertical adjustable resistors
Date:2019-01-10 Views:3641
Vertical adjustable resistor is a popular electronic component product, especially the type of vertical adjustable resistance 503. The main reason why most manufacturers favor it is that the adjustable variable resistor has the following two advantages:

1. The vertical adjustable resistor is easy to exhaust and heat dissipation, and improves the service life and safety of electronic products. The heat dissipation of electrical appliances is undoubtedly the most troublesome thing for product designers. Especially in electronic products, some resistance components are relatively easy to heat, if there is no good ventilation cooling device, it will often cause circuit burning short circuit problems.
Now many electronic products, not only the circuit is complex, but also small size, in addition to the need for exhaust cooling device, the arrangement of various electronic components should be reasonable, the gap can not be too small. If the components and the adjustable power resistor are too close to each other, the heat dissipation from the side of the adjustable resistance will be very difficult and serious accidents will occur if it is used too long. At this time we can choose the vertical adjustable resistance, because it occupies a small space between the other adjustable resistance will be much larger, so that it is easy to exhaust heat to improve the service life and safety of electronic products.

2. The adjustable variable resistor occupies a small position. The vertical adjustable resistance welding foot mentioned above is on a smaller surface, so the contact surface with the circuit board is smaller and the area occupied is smaller. Because the adjustable resistance is welded on the circuit board, if the circuit structure is more complex, there will be many electronic components on the circuit board, we can choose vertical adjustable resistance in the row, which can reduce the adjustable resistance occupies the space of the circuit board.
Especially in some electronic products, the requirements of small shape and powerful, powerful means that more electronic components are needed, small shape limits the size of the circuit board and internal parts. So how to make use of the limited space of the circuit board has become a difficult problem for the designer, no doubt the choice of adjustable power resistor can help save a lot of space.

Common problems of vertical adjustable resistors

1. It can be completed in a short time, preferably within 3 seconds. The highest temperature of soldering iron contact is below 270 degrees. If the time is too long or the temperature is too high, it will cause various problems such as poor adjustable resistance.
2. If the power of the adjustable variable resistor is larger, it will be welded well, and it will have very thick terminals. Fine adjustment of small power adjustable resistance lead wire is very thin, welding should be careful.
3. If there is no automatic vertical machine, then a single vertical adjustable resistor can also be manually welded.
4. Avoid solder current passing through the circuit board when wiring and adding tin. Otherwise, it is easy to cause bad contact of adjustable power resistor.
5. Welding must be more prudent when using flux, should avoid the use of water-soluble flux.