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How to Connect Precision Adjustable Resistance and How to Detect it
Date:2019-01-12 Views:2964
Precision adjustable resistors are widely used in many industries, such as carbon film adjustable resistors or ceramic adjustable resistors, which belong to precise series of adjustable resistors. But the price of precision adjustable resistor will be slightly more expensive than other resistors. Do you know anything about precision series adjustable resistor, such as how to connect adjustable trimmer potentiometer? And how to detect it?

What is precise adjustable power resistor
Precision adjustable resistance is a kind of resistance coexisting stability and accuracy. Precision represents the accuracy of resistance value. In fact, these accuracy is affected by many factors. These factors affecting the accuracy of resistance values are generally referred to as stress. Stress is also affected by many factors, such as the change of ambient temperature, humidity of the environment, self-heating of the resistance itself after electrification, and overload, static electricity, welding and pulse. The effect of these stresses mentioned above will change the resistance value of the resistance. Associated with high precision resistance, the resistance with stability and accuracy coexists is precise adjustable power resistor.

How to Connect Precision Adjustable Resistance
Precision adjustable power resistor is generally composed of three pins. The pin in the middle is to adjust the resistance value. The total resistance value between the left and right pins represents the resistance value. The left pin slice corresponds to the output of the access circuit, the right pin slice corresponds to the input of the access circuit. In the series connection circuit, when the resistance is on the maximum resistance value, then the corresponding adjustment can be made according to the middle pin slice.

How to Detect Precision Adjustable Resistance
Generally, the adjustable trimmer potentiometer has three pins. The main reference point is the pin in the middle. The multimeter is tested by the multimeter. First, the ohm file of the multimeter is adjusted and the red and black two meters are penciled to measure the pins at the left and right ends of the precise adjustable resistance. Then, the resistance is adjusted to observe whether the value of the multimeter changes. When the multimeter is adjusted to the right, one side resistance value is very small and the other side resistance value is very high. Big. The adjustable situation with change is that when the resistance value is large, it changes to a very small value, or when the resistance value is small, it changes to a very large value. This shows that the resistance is good, such as when the resistance value is unchanged in the measurement, or the change is uneven, indicating that the resistance has been damaged.

The adjustable trimmer potentiometer matters needing attention
1. Before the use of resistors, the resistance value of resistors should be tested. If there is unqualified, it should be removed to avoid the hidden danger of resistors in the circuit.
2. When accurately adjustable resistors are stored, they should be sealed to prevent the resistance from being oxidized by air.
3. When operating the resistance to connect to the resistance, we should ensure that there is no loosening between the resistance pins, so as to prevent the short circuit caused by the pin loosening.
4. When replacing resistance, only the resistance with large resistance value can be replaced, while the resistance with small resistance value can not be replaced. Otherwise, replacing the resistance with small resistance will not load up and burn the resistance.
5. In resistance welding, the welding should be completed quickly, so as to avoid the change of resistance value caused by too long resistance heating.