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Repairing method and using common sense of audio taper potentiometer
Date:2019-01-19 Views:2958
Potentiometers are widely used, such as household speakers and audio and other electronic products are required to use potentiometers to operate and adjust the volume. So if the audio taper potentiometer is not operated properly, it will cause a lot of fault problems, then you know how to repair the audio potentiometer fault operation?

Repairing method of audio taper potentiometer failure

Repairing method 1
The sound box potentiometer will occasionally make some noise when it is used to adjust the volume. That is because of the noise caused by the friction between the inner handle of the potentiometer and the carbon sheet. Because of friction, the problem of noise regulation can be eliminated.

Repairing method 2
For the speaker potentiometer will often occur some murmur or hoarseness of the situation, it is generally possible that the best audio potentiometer has been used for a long time, internal accumulation of excessive dust and debris caused by the potentiometer's poor contact between the various channels. As long as the potentiometer shell is opened, clean up the internal dust and debris. In addition, in order to effectively ensure the performance of the potentiometer, the potentiometer is generally used for about three months to do a maintenance and cleaning work.

Repairing method 3
What's the case with a lot of people who like to maximize the volume of their audio and then have some noise? This is because the volume adjustment is through the potentiometer handle to adjust the operation, because in general, the volume of the audio potentiometer is not suitable for adjusting the maximum use, if adjusting the maximum, the potentiometer inside the channel power is relatively large, it is possible that the potentiometer can not afford to load and thus on. It can lead to some distortion of voice. So in addition to some professional speakers, the general home audio taper potentiometer do not adjust the maximum to use.

Repairing method 4
In the regulation of the best audio potentiometer, there are generally two kinds of conditions, first of all, it is possible that the potentiometer handle is damaged, just replace a handle can be. However, in another case, it is possible that other components within the potentiometer have been damaged, which is generally inconvenient to repair, so it is recommended to replace the potentiometer.

Little knowledge of audio potentiometer
1. Do not operate and adjust the best audio potentiometer when your hands are wet, so as to avoid water droplets accidentally flowing into the potentiometer, causing the problem of short circuit, which may lead to electric shock and other accidents.
2. Don't take the best audio potentiometer off and adjust it to its resistance value, although it can enhance its sound size. But for the case of excessive regulation resistance, the working current of potentiometer is relatively increased, it is possible that potentiometer can not withstand excessive power current, which will burn potentiometer.