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3296 potentiometer
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3296 Potentiometer Brief Introduction: Potentiometer 3296 is a multi-loop potentiometer, the adjustment accuracy of resistance has 5% and 10% two standards, the product resistance range is: 10 Ou~2M Ou, customers can choose the maximum resistance of products according to their own requirements, Potentiometer 3296 has two brands: domestic and imported, domestic is our company's own precision dragon potentiometer, imported is Burns Electricity of the United States. Locator. Youxingda electronics manufacturer sells 3296 series potentiometers directly. The potentiometers produced by Youxingda electronics manufacturer have won the titles of the top ten famous brands of potentiometers in China.

3296 potentiometer is a screw driven pre-regulated potentiometer. Its full stroke is greater than or equal to 15 cycles, and the resistance body is only 300 degrees at most. The screw of 3296 potentiometer can rotate all the time, but after adjusting to the maximum or minimum resistance value, the contact will not move along with the screw rotation, which also serves as a special protection. 3296 potentiometer is one of the most commonly used multi-loop potentiometers.