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Main parameters of Piher potentiometer
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Main parameters of Piher potentiometer          

The main parameters of Pich potentiometer are nominal resistance, rated power, resolution, sliding noise, resistance variation characteristics, wear resistance, zero resistance and temperature coefficient.            

1) Peach potentiometer rated power            

The maximum allowable dissipation power at the two fixed ends of the potentiometer is the rated power of the potentiometer. It should be noted that the rated power is not equal to the power of the central tap and the fixed end. The rated power of potentiometer refers to the maximum power allowed to be consumed by long-term continuous load at specified rated temperature in DC or AC circuit when atmospheric pressure is 87-107kPa. The rated power series of wire-wound and non-wire-wound potentiometers are shown in Table 2.            

2) Nominal Resistance of Pich Potentiometer            

The series of nominal resistance values labeled on the product is similar to the series of resistors.            

3) Permissible Error Level of Pich Potentiometer            

The error range between measured resistance and nominal resistance can be allowed to be 20%, 10%, 5%, 2% and 1% according to different precision grades. The precision of precision potentiometer can reach 0.1%.            

4) Variation of resistance of Pich potentiometer            

The relationship between the resistance and the rotating angle of the slider contact (or the sliding stroke) can be in any functional form. There are linear, logarithmic and inverse logarithmic (exponential) formulas in common use. In use, linear potentiometer is suitable for divider, and reverse logarithmic (exponential) potentiometer is suitable for volume controller in radio, tape recorder, record player and TV set. If no similar product can be found during maintenance, it can be replaced by straight line, but not by logarithm. Logarithmic potentiometer is only suitable for voice control, etc.