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Selection of Multi-Circle Potentiometer
Date:2019-03-15 Views:664

Selection Principle of multi turn potentiometer

(1) Selection of species. For general electronic products, ordinary carbon film or carbon resistors can be used, which are cheap and abundant in supply; for high-quality amplifiers, tape recorders, television sets, etc., better carbon film resistors, metal film resistors or wire-wound resistors should be selected; for measuring circuits, instruments and circuits, precise resistors should be selected to meet the needs of high precision. In high frequency circuits, solid organic resistors or inductance-free resistors should be chosen instead of synthetic resistors or ordinary wire-wound resistors.

(2) Selection of resistance and accuracy. The resistance value should be selected according to the actual calculation value, and the nominal value close to the series table should be selected. If there is a high precision requirement, the precise resistance value should be selected.

(3) Selection of rated power. The rated power of the resistance value should be greater than the actual dissipative power. In general, the rated power of the resistor should be more than twice the dissipative power.

(4) Limitation of maximum operating voltage. When choosing resistors, the voltage withstanding of resistors should be higher than the working voltage. When resistors are used at high voltage, their application value should be less than the maximum operating voltage for high resistance resistors.

(5) Selection of multi turn potentiometer. In addition to the above points, the selective potentiometer should pay attention to the following three points.

1) Selection of resistance variability. For example, the volume control potentiometer should be exponential or linear, but not logarithmic; when used as voltage divider, it should be linear; when used as tone control, it should be logarithmic.

2) All kinds of non-wire wound potentiometers and multi turn potentiometer can be selected for high resolution.

3) If it does not need to move again after adjustment, the locking potentiometer is selected.