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Mini trimmer potentiometer
Date:2019-03-15 Views:2303

Five Notices for Mini trimmer potentiometer

Notice 1. Because most of the resistors of Mini trimmer potentiometer are made of polycarbonate synthetic resins,Mini trimmer potentiometer should avoid contact with ammonia, alkali aqueous solution, aromatic hydrocarbons, lipid hydrocarbons, ketones, other amines, strong chemicals (high acid-base value).

Notice 2. When installing the "rotary" Trimming Potentiometer in the fixed nut, the strength should not be too tight to avoid destroying the screw teeth or poor rotation; when installing the "iron shell direct sliding" adjustable potentiometer, avoid using too long screw, otherwise it may hinder the movement of the sliding handle, or even directly damage the adjustable potentiometer itself.

Notice 3. In order not to cause bad contact, noise and INT between brush and resistor, the height of flux entering the printing press board should be adjusted properly when Mini trimmer potentiometer is welded, and the flux should be avoided from intruding into the inside of the adjustable potentiometer.

Notice 4. Because the contact resistance between the resistance and the contact sheet is not conducive to the passage of large currents,Mini trimmer potentiometer is better used for voltage adjustment structure, and the connection mode should choose "1" foot grounding, while avoiding the use of current-tuning structure.

Notice 5. In order to prevent insulation deterioration or short circuit, the surface of Mini trimmer potentiometer should not have water mist or droplets, and should not be used in wet places.