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Classification of multi turn potentiometer
Date:2019-03-16 Views:713
Precision potentiometer can be divided into single-loop potentiometer and multi turn potentiometer. Single Circle: The minimum to maximum resistance change is accomplished by rotating the stroke of one circle.Single-loop potentiometer means that its resistor has only one week. It can rotate indefinitely and continuously, and it can also have a mechanical limit angle. If there is a stop, you can choose the electrical angle in the range of 0-360 degrees. multi turn potentiometer:

 The minimum to maximum resistance change is accomplished by more than one cycle of travel.Precision potentiometer regulation can be divided into: top adjustment, side adjustment, front adjustment and back adjustment. A multi turn potentiometer means that its resistor has many weeks, usually 10 weeks. That is, its mechanical stroke is 3600 degrees. The inner part can 
be made into a spiral mechanical travel guide, with stops at both ends of the guide. Whether multi-loop or single-loop potentiometer, as long as the stopper is set in the mechanical part, the mechanical stroke of the potentiometer is limited, that is, it can not rotate continuously and indefinitely. Potentiometer is very small, its stop has stop moment, too much force will destroy the stop of potentiometer, thus causing damage to potentiometer