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Performance price ratio of audio potentiometer
Date:2019-03-18 Views:716

If the function of an alps audio potentiometer is merely to adjust the volume, the problem is much simpler. But in fact, alps audio potentiometer is the only way to signal. Its importance is often underestimated. Audio technology has always been dedicated to creating zero distortion components, but in reality this is a dream. What we pursue is in fact the lowest level of compromise. Vr is a variable resistor variable resistor. Generally, the machine is used to adjust the size of the signal.

It is used in volume control, left-right balance, high-low knob and so on. All of them are. This kind of component is a continuous adjusting step (sliding type). Its stability is very poor and it is vulnerable to the influence of temperature and humidity. Please refer to the relevant instructions of electronic components for yourself. When VR is new, most of the people's ears are insensitive to the sound, but after a period of time you will feel that the sound of the left and right channels will drift and the instrument can not be positioned accurately. A little longer, there will be noise in the rotary potentiometer, and then you will suddenly realize that the sound will become worse and worse. Some people blame everything, change the machine, change the line, and rush to the doctor. It is also in vain. Alps audio potentiometer can choose general potentiometer, such as alps. noble and so on. Or buy a Swiss Elma rack, add 0.1% holco precision resistance to form a progressive potentiometer (rich people choose, this potentiometer is 2,000 oceans one), or make a progressive volume switch. The advantage of the former is that it is easy to buy, but generally tens of yuan of products sold in the market, the sound quality is not very ideal, the error of two channels is usually not small, it seems that it does not match the precision of hi-fi. Shen: If you buy high-quality goods, the price is quite high. High-grade expensive machines are seen here, so 24-60 segments of fixed resistance are welded on the 24K gold-plated contact switch to ensure a more stable quality. The latter is a multi-band switch (usually more than 25 bands), welded with different resistance values and simulated the action of the potentiometer. The advantage is that the error of the two channels is very small, and the higher the resistance is, the better the sound quality is. The disadvantage is that the multi-band switch is not easy to buy, and the quality is good, and the price is not cheap; after a period of time, the contacts are easy to oxidize, resulting in noise. 。 It is preferable to have a fully sealed band switch. Of course, many of these switching step resistors are undoubtedly better than potentiometers. It's like cello, krell, mark livinson, jadis, mbl... And my matisse's multi-segment series switch is welded with fixed resistance. This design can greatly reduce the volume of parallel connection and can cut the volume of continuous multi-segment (generally about 24-60 segments). It is no different from the traditional low-cost VR in use, but the sound quality is really difficult to compare with vr. The disadvantage is that the number of fixed resistance is astonishing because it is multi-segment in series. It can't run away, and the error of using ultra-precision resistance should be less than 0.1-0.5%. Holco, vishy dale, Philips can be used. Resistance. At the same time, the quality of SW is better. That's why one of the reasons for selling this kind of thing is to sell you 3-6,000 yuan. You can buy the finished products from the fever parts stores. If the VR you use is not the general specification, you have to make it yourself. The formula of 20 log AV can be substituted by 0.5-0.8 DB step-by-step.