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Fault and Solution of Audio Potentiometer
Date:2019-03-18 Views:764

In general, the potentiometer used in audio frequency is to use the principle of resistive voltage dividing to control the volume adjustment, and the resistance of the potentiometer varies exponentially according to the rotation angle. For example, the commonly used audio potentiometer control circuit, such as tape recorder, television, radio, volume controller. So usually in the operation of the volume potentiometer, there are also some key points to pay attention to. Otherwise, improper use and post-positioning will cause malfunction. Do you know what impact the malfunction will have on the equipment? Presumably non-technical personnel, but also a relatively lack of technical knowledge in this area, so here you are. Tell us about the influence of the failure of the conventional volume potentiometer and how to repair it. What will affect the failure of the audio potentiometer? It shows that in some audio equipments we usually use, the volume knob is controlled by its potentiometer. Therefore, in many cases, there will be some hidden dangers.    


For example, there are some audio distortion or disorderly murmurs in the regulation of audio. In fact, these are all problems of internal potentiometers. It may be that the potentiometer has been used for a long time, and its matrix will be adsorbed into a certain amount of dust and accumulation of debris with the influence of air, resulting in the condition of affecting the contact of vocal tract lines. Therefore, as long as the potentiometer is dismantled and the dust and debris inside are removed, the abnormal volume regulation can be solved. Fault Description 2 is that in the process of operation and regulation of the volume potentiometer, there will often be some cases of volume regulation failure or failure, so that the sound is too small (too big) to shut down the failure. In general, most of these potentiometers may be deadjusted too frequently in peacetime to cause damage to the internal axis of the potentiometer. Therefore, the general solution may be to replace one of the rotating axles, but the replacement of the rear secondary components will usually be damaged after a short period of time. Therefore, for these failures, it is usually recommended to replace the new potentiometer to ensure the daily performance of the equipment. Fault description 3 and secondly in the use of the volume potentiometer, generally remember not to adjust the potentiometer too frequently, because each time the potentiometer rotates, the internal rotating shaft components will be subject to certain friction loss, so when a certain wear-resistant value is reached, it will cause the damage of the rotating axis of the potentiometer, and later affect the quality of the audio potentiometer. Decrease the main situation, so the potentiometer does not need to be used, do not arbitrarily de-regulate the potentiometer. Faults show that the conventional types of volume potentiometers used in four general audio equipment are divided into single-connection and double-connection specifications. They use the principle of resistance voltage dividing to control the volume. Therefore, the potentiometers with different specifications can not be replaced at will. Potential transducers usually send touch signals to the relevant MCU for analysis and processing to control the volume. In general, the input routes of audio signals can only be controlled by single channel audio, while the dual potentiometers can control many aspects of audio channel control. Otherwise, if the potentiometer chosen by the company is not suitable, it will cause some abnormal problems in the regulation of sound. Fault Description 5 About the resistance value of audio potentiometer, don't change randomly, otherwise the resistance value of post-adjustment is incompatible with the operation, which will lead to audio out of control, or light will lead to resistance value overshoot or undershoot, which will lead to the failure of control, such as the maximum or minimum volume, and serious, will cause the current load between the lines can not afford, thus will also be. The phenomenon of weak electric ignition occurs.