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The Present Development of Bonn Potentiometer
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The Bourns potentiometer is also called Bonds potentiometer. The glass glaze precise adjustable potentiometer can be rotated continuously with a screwdriver. The color is usually blue and has three feet. The commonly used models are 3296, 3362, 3386, 3006, 3266, 3323, 3329, 3590, 3314, 3313, 3324, etc.

There are many kinds of potentiometers, which can be divided into carbon film potentiometer, metal film potentiometer, winding potentiometer, organic solid core potentiometer and carbon solid core potentiometer according to the different materials used. According to the different structure of the post, the Bourns potentiometer can be divided into single, double potentiometer, switched potentiometer and other specifications, and can be divided into rotary potentiometer and direct sliding potentiometer according to different adjustment methods. Below is a detailed description of the classification and functional characteristics of Bourns potentiometers.

Classification and Functional Characteristics of Bourns Potentiometer

It can be divided into single-loop potentiometer and multi-loop potentiometer.

Single-loop: The minimum to maximum resistance change is accomplished by rotating the stroke of one circle.            Multi-circle is to complete the smallest to maximum resistance changes with more than one circle of travel.

1. Straight-sliding Bourns potentiometer

Metal film potentiometer: The resistance of metal film potentiometer can be made of alloy film, metal oxide film, metal synthetic film and oxide film material, and deposited on ceramics by vacuum technology. It has the characteristics of high resolution, high temperature resistance, low temperature coefficient, low noise, good smoothness, narrow resistance range, poor wear resistance and higher price.

2. Wire-wound Bourns potentiometer

Straight-slip Bones potentiometer: The resistance of a straight-slip potentiometer is a rectangular bar, which changes the resistance value by moving the sliding handle of the sliding seat connected to the straight line. The wire-wound Bourns potentiometer is a wire-wound Bourns potentiometer made of an insulating alloy resistance wire coated on a metal or non-metal plate and a central tap sliding on the resistance wire. The utility model has a wide range of uses, and can be made into ordinary, fine-grained and fine-tuned potentiometers with high rated power, low low low temperature resistance coefficient, low noise, high voltage resistance and good stability.

It is usually used in industrial control, communication equipment, precision instruments, automotive electronics, liquid crystal panel, switching power supply and other fields.

Adjustment form: top, side, front and back.

Borns potentiometer with switch

There are two kinds of potentiometers with the same specifications on the same axis when adjusting the rotating axis. When the rotating axis is adjusted, two potentiometers with the same specifications are usually installed on the same axis. When the rotating axis is adjusted, two potentiometers with the same specifications are usually installed. On the same axis. The sliding contacts of the two potentiometers rotate synchronously. There are also Bourns potentiometers for asynchronous axes.

Notes for the purchase of Bourns potentiometers:

1. The regulation of Bourns potentiometer can also be distinguished from that of single-connected potentiometer and double-connected potentiometer. Generally, the single potentiometer can only be used to adjust the single electric quantity, but in some audio equipment, the application of double potentiometer is necessary to adjust the volume of two channels.

2. When choosing Bourns potentiometer, we can choose the appropriate potentiometer according to the application situation. For example, the synthetic carbon-film Bourns potentiometer can be used in some low-demand circuits such as radio, audio, television, etc., because its carbon-film potentiometer has a wide range of models, high performance resolution and low price.

3. Secondly, the resistance change characteristics of Bourns potentiometer, because the corresponding potentiometer is selected according to its use. For example, when Bourns potentiometer is used in volume control, exponential potentiometer is usually chosen, but in general, non-exponential potentiometer can be replaced by linear potentiometer, but not logarithmic potentiometer, because logarithmic potentiometer is generally used as voice control, otherwise the linear incompatibility of the selected potentiometer will lead to Bourns electricity. The range of volume adjustment of the potentiometer becomes smaller.