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External multi turn potentiometer to adjust voltage mode
Date:2019-03-28 Views:846
The voltage adjustable power supply is a kind of power supply that widens the voltage on the basis of the regulated switching power supply and realizes a wide range of output voltage (generally 0V~rated value continuous adjustment). It mainly consists of voltage reference source, adjustment tube, error amplification, voltage sampling and current sampling. The voltage adjustable power supply generally uses the voltage division ratio of the sampling circuit to adjust the output voltage.

There are three types of voltage regulation: hand-turn potentiometer, external multi turn potentiometer, and analog signal control.

Hand potentiometer
On the right side of the output of the voltage-adjustable power supply, there is a blue potentiometer. Under normal circumstances, the output voltage can be adjusted by directly rotating the potentiometer with a screwdriver, and the output voltage is gradually increased in the clockwise direction.
External multi turn potentiometer
Touching a multi turn potentiometer at the blue potentiometer can directly adjust the output voltage by hand, which is easier to operate than the hand potentiometer.
Analog signal control
Analog signal control generally refers to 0-5V or 0-10V analog signal, such as Hua Tuo 0-12V voltage adjustable power supply through the 0-5V analog signal, analog signal 1V corresponding control power output 2.4V, analog signal 3V corresponding control power Output 7.2V.