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Basic knowledge of adjustable potentiometers
Date:2018-11-05 Views:530
In recent years, with the rapid development of potentiometer industry, the precision of various potentiometer products is getting higher and higher, and the application is more and more widespread. Adjustable potentiometer is one of the common products, and adjustable resistance as its core, its basic knowledge, we need to know.

1. In order to prevent the failure of the adjustable power resistor due to local overload, please do not exceed the allowable rated value of the contacts in the use of the resistance. In order to avoid resistance compatibility can not afford, it is also possible to directly lead to adjustable resistance of the contact, conductive layer deterioration or burning phenomenon.
2. The working voltage of the digital adjustable resistor should not be overloaded. Otherwise, the long-term overheating of the resistor will lead to electrical breakdown and damage of the resistor. If the working voltage of the resistor exceeds the safety limit, the interior of the resistor will also generate sparks, noise and even damage.
3. Usually adjustable power resistor must be aged artificially before they are used. Its main purpose is to reduce the instability of resistors with the increase of service time, thus affecting the performance of resistors.
4. Adjustable resistors are generally composed of resistors, skeleton and lead (lead) parts. The lead root of the resistor can not be bent, otherwise it will easily lead to the pin of the resistor being broken.
5. For each digital adjustable resistor, it has a certain withstand voltage. If the withstand voltage exceeds this value, the resistor will break down, burn out or produce arc phenomenon. Therefore, when choosing resistors, the voltage withstand value of resistors must be fully taken into account.
6. Generally speaking, the quality of the resistors should be checked before the resistors are used. Otherwise, the quality of the resistance is not up to the standard. If it is applied to use, it will lead to a lot of potential safety problems. Therefore, the resistance value of the resistor can be measured with the resistance of the multimeter to see whether the resistance value is consistent with the nominal resistance value and whether the difference is within the allowable error range of the adjustable resistance.

How to clean adjustable potentiometers

In the use of rotary potentiometer, sometimes there are some faults, don't worry, at this time we need to try to clean the adjustable potentiometer, maybe it can help you solve the problem, then how is the adjustable potentiometer clean?

1. Use the screwdriver carefully to seal the lid of the adjustable potentiometer, which is to open the fixed card and remove the protective cover.
2. Remove the fixed spring card of the rotating shaft from the shaft.
3. Some adjustable power resistor can not remove the rotating shaft. They can wipe the carbon film and the metal contacts on the rotating shaft directly with cotton ball and pure alcohol.
4. Adjust the position and angle of metal contact, replace the contact position with carbon film and increase pressure.
5. Apply some lubricating oil or special grease on the carbon film to delay the service life.
6. Reinstall and fix the metal cover.

Such as the above is several common methods of cleaning digital adjustable resistor, in addition, we also need to pay attention to inject electronic cleaning liquid or alcohol into the hole and crack of adjustable potentiometer and then rotate, hair dryer drying, test machine! Can not be repeated!