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The fault diagnosis and maintenance analysis of 3296 potentiometer
Date:2018-11-07 Views:542
What is the regulation method of 3296 potentiometers?

3296 potentiometers regulate output voltage but are limited to signal voltage and can not carry electrical work.

Although the electrical voltage is interlinked, that is to say, you adjust to a certain position. A radio and a tape recorder get different voltages, and adjust the 3V voltage according to the radio. The 3V voltage does not change when it is changed to a tape recorder. Every time you meet it, you need to make new adjustments, or you will burn your appliances. This is why this connection is not used. Electronic voltage regulator is recommended.

3296 potentiometer is a resistance element with three lead terminals and resistance values that can be adjusted according to some change law. Potentiometers are usually made up of resistive bodies and movable brushes. When the brush moves along the resistor, the resistance or voltage which is related to the displacement is obtained at the output end.

To sum up, the 3296 potentiometer adjustment method is related to the 3296 potentiometer pin connection method.

The normal 3296 potentiometer should rotate flexibly, tighten properly and have no mechanical noise in the process of slow rotation or direct sliding. When measuring the resistance between the movable arm and the fixed end with a multimeter, the head pointer should move smoothly and there is no treaty drop. There are several common faults and maintenance of bourns 3296 potentiometer: judgment and maintenance analysis of common faults of 3296 potentiometer

1. The contact fault diagnosis and maintenance of 3296 potentiometer
Because 3296 potentiometers need constant adjustment and resistance, the failure rate is relatively high. * pig mastiff is characterized by poor contact, completely non-contact or inflexible adjustment, which makes household appliances noisy or unable to work normally, but most of them are reversible faults, which can generally be repaired. Common faults of bourns 3296 potentiometer are generally manifested in pin internal circuit breaking, switch damage, resistance body burnout, resistance body wear, excessive rotation noise, etc. The sliding contacts of commonly burned potentiometers will obviously become black and deformed.

2. Fault diagnosis and maintenance of and 3296 potentiometers
When the internal pin of 3296 potentiometer is broken, 3296 potentiometer will no longer play any role. The current and voltage of the circuit will not change when rotating the shaft or pushing the sliding handle. When the multimeter detects the resistance between two fixed pins, or before the fixed pin and the sliding contact pin, the resistance is infinite or near infinite. For the voice channel controlled by volume potentiometer, the opening of the internal pin of 3296 potentiometer may cause silent failure.

3. Fault diagnosis and maintenance of rotating noise, fault diagnosis and maintenance analysis of 3296 potentiometer
The main reason for the high rotating noise of 3296 potentiometer is the wear of the resistor body. It is the bad contact between the contact point of moving piece and the resistor body, and the value of resistance varies from big to small, resulting in noise. If this kind of fault of 3296 potentiometer is detected by pointer multimeter, it will be found that the pointer of the multimeter will jump and move unsteadily. For this kind of fault, cleaning the shaft of the bourns 3296 potentiometer can basically solve the problem.

Potentiometers that have been short-circuited or burned out by resistors are usually difficult to rest, so they can be replaced directly to solve the problem of faults.

The above methods are not only applicable to 3296 potentiometers, but also can be used to judge and repair other potentiometers.