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What is the structure of potentiometers?
Date:2018-11-09 Views:600
As we all know, potentiometer is widely used, so what kind of product it is, and how much do you know about its structure, let's get to know it below.

1. Contact brush of Mini trimmer potentiometer: also known as brush or folder, which acts as electric transmission. The quality of this part is directly determined by noise, life and contact. It plays a decisive role in products, second only to carbon sheets.
2. Carbon diaphragm of Potentiometer: in the product has the reputation of'heart', which provides the product with the function of resistance linetype change. The quality of this part directly affects the key performance of total resistance, power, voltage withstanding, residual, noise, synchronization, life and linear change.
3. Rotation axis (sliding handle) of Mini trimmer potentiometer : It plays the role of rotating or sliding. The change of resistance value depends on its rotation angle (sliding different journeys) to obtain the resistance value according to the linear change.
4. Lead-out end of Potentiometer: commonly known as terminal, which connects the output of the product to the customer's circuit board; generally tin-plated iron or silver-plated copper; the quality of this part directly affects the tin-uptake and riveting strength indicators;
5. Fixing parts (axle sleeve or shell) of Mini trimmer potentiometer: It mainly fixes the relevant parts tightly to form a whole;
6. Potentiometer film, bracket, shrapnel, damper oil, spring, nut, meson and other auxiliary parts, according to the different structure and increase or decrease.

Use instructions for potentiometers with switch

Switched potentiometer is a widely used electrical component, suitable for electronic equipment, the life of any product is related to the correct use and maintenance, let's talk about the use instructions of thumbwheel potentiometer with switch.

1. After welding, attention should be paid to check whether the lead pin wiring thumbwheel potentiometer with switch is damaged and whether the plug is loosened. Otherwise, there is a great potential safety hazard in the use of potentiometers.
2. Before installing the thumbwheel potentiometer with switch, it should be checked whether there are scratches, breakages, cracks and other mechanical damage in the lower potentiometer shell, which is regarded as unqualified products. If found, the potentiometer should be replaced immediately so as not to cause other malfunctions during the use of the potentiometer.
3. When wiring or welding printed circuit boards thumbwheel potentiometer with switch, attention should be paid to avoid the outflow of additional soldering aids, otherwise it will easily lead to poor contact of pin welding, resulting in some problems of false soldering, false soldering or unstable soldering.
4. When the potentiometer is used for a long time, we should pay attention to the heat dissipation performance for its working environment. If the heat dissipation is not enough, it will lead to the acceleration of insulation aging of some internal components of the potentiometer, and then it will be related to reduce the service life of the potentiometer.
5. When the potentiometer fails and needs to be replaced, if the non-relevant technical personnel, do not operate and replace privately. Because I haven't known about some common sense of attention operation, if I do not operate properly when I disconnect the pin wiring of the resistor, I may break off other wiring connections. Therefore, it is necessary to invite technicians to operate the potentiometer.