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How to connect and use the thumbwheel potentiometer?
Date:2018-11-12 Views:557
How to connect and use the thumbwheel potentiometer?
The thumbwheel potentiometer is also a kind of potentiometer commonly used in the market of tuning function. There are many models of thumbwheel potentiometer for customers to use in the electric circuit. Today, I will introduce the relevant knowledge of thumbwheel potentiometer, including the wiring method of thumbwheel potentiometer with switch, the matters needing attention in the use of thumbwheel potentiometer, such as pull-out potentiometer. How to clean up the dust and debris and explain the thumbwheel potentiometer, I hope to know more about the thumbwheel potentiometer for friends who have just touched this potentiometer.

Wiring method of thumbwheel potentiometer
The first pin of the thumbwheel potentiometer is the public end, the second and third pin are the left and right dual-channel output, and the fourth and fifth pin are the left and right dual-channel input. The left channel is connected to the left channel by a wire, and the right channel is connected to the right channel by a wire. The grounded terminal can be left out for the time being. The thumbwheel potentiometer with switch has three points: line input, line output, and grounding terminal. As for the output corresponding to the output, it depends on the metal contact piece on the plastic knob. Generally, PCB baseboard signal moves from left to right. The first hole is grounded, the second hole is left channel output, the third hole is right channel output, the fourth is left channel input, and the fifth is right channel input. The second hole and the fourth hole are connected by wire, and the third hole and the fifth hole are connected by wire.

Note on use of thumbwheel potentiometer
1. The thumbwheel potentiometer has been in use for a long time. It is necessary to regularly clean up some dust and debris on the spindle of the potentiometer. If it is not clear, the accumulated dust will affect the output between the lines, and may cause malfunction in regulation.
2. It is not easy to repair the internal circuit break of the pin or the burnout of the resistor of the thumbwheel potentiometer with switch. It is suggested to replace the components.
3. In the connection of thumbwheel potentiometer, each line can not be connected incorrectly. If there is an incorrect connection, it is possible that the output of the lines is incompatible, which may lead to the damage of the potentiometer. So pay great attention to wiring.

How to remove dust and sundries from the thumbwheel potentiometer
1. Firstly, use the screwdriver carefully to open the thumbwheel potentiometer lid sealing card slot open, and then remove the potentiometer.
2. Then the fixed rotating shaft of the thumbwheel potentiometer is pulled out of the rotating shaft. Some of the thumbwheel potentiometers can't take out the rotating shaft. At this time, some dust and debris on the rotating shaft of the potentiometer can be directly cleaned with cotton balls soaked with pure alcohol on the rotating shaft of the potentiometer.
3. After cleaning up, some lubricating oil or special grease can be applied on the spindle, which can delay the potentiometer's service life.
4. Finally, reset the thumbwheel potentiometer and fix it.