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How to Distinguish and Operate dual gang potentiometer
Date:2018-11-24 Views:746
In the use of dual gang potentiometer, many people easily misuse single potentiometer, because the performance difference between the two potentiometers is very big, if used incorrectly, it may be easy to damage the potentiometer. It is also possible that you know little about potentiometer information, and there are many main details in the operation of potentiometer. If the operation is not correct and easy to cause damage, then how to distinguish and operate the double potentiometer is described below.

Differentiation between dual gang potentiometer and single gang potentiometer

The single gang potentiometer is a potentiometer which is used more often. The main reason is that its axis only controls one set of potentiometers. For a double potentiometer, two potentiometers are mounted on the same axis. When adjusting the rotation axis, the contacts of the two potentiometers can be simultaneously rotated. For example, in early stereo equipment, when the volume and tone of two channels need to be synchronized, the dual potentiometer should be selected.

In addition, in general, the two axes of the dual gang potentiometer are concentric axes, which do not interfere with each other, and each axis adjusts its associated contacts. Moreover, the advantages of the dual potentiometer are good heat resistance, high resolution, wide frequency range, low noise and small distributed inductance. But the only possible shortcoming is poor wear resistance. However, for the price, it is also more expensive. Most of them are used in high frequency circuits.

The Principle of Attention in Selection of dual gang linear potentiometer

1. When choosing a dual gang linear potentiometer, we should select the carbon material, structure type, type, specification and regulation mode of the potentiometer according to the circuit requirements. The performance of the potentiometer with different specifications is different. Therefore, we choose to pay more attention to understand the specific specifications and models of potentiometers.

2. There are also some special equipment circuit requirements, according to the power supply circuit to adjust the voltage, brightness, speed and other functions to select the dual gang potentiometer.

3. In addition, the use of dual gang linear potentiometer also needs to consider the selection of potentiometers of corresponding specifications according to the requirements of equipment and circuit. For the requirements of circuit, it is necessary to determine whether the parameters of good potentiometer are compatible and suitable for use, such as allowable deviation, resolution, maximum operating voltage, rated power, etc.

Details of operation of dual gang potentiometer

In order to ensure the safety of the circuit, the load current of the adjustable potentiometer can not be increased at will when the control current of the movable contacts is less than the limit current of the movable contacts. Moreover, when DC current is allowed to pass through the movable contacts of the double potentiometer, the problem of anodic oxidation may occur. In this case, it is better to use the negative end to connect the components and the positive end to connect the dynamic contacts of the double potentiometer.