3296/3296W Multi Turn Potentiometer
The 3296 Series Multi Turn Potentiometer includes the Baoter 3296, Bochen 3296, Bourns 3296W Potentiometer, etc., and the Resistance Range is 50 ohms 2000K ohms. The rotation of the screw can be adjusted to move the resistor on the resistor body, such changing the resistance of the potentiometer. The screw of the 3296 potentiometer can be rotated all the time, but after adjusting to the maximum or minimum resistance, the contact Will not follow the screw. The rotary movement, which also plays a special protection, the 3296 potentiometer is one of the most commonly used multi-turn potentiometers.

3296/3296W Multi Turn Potentiometer


Electrical Performance

Resistance Range:50Ω-2MΩ
Resistance tolerance:±5% & ±10%
Terminal resistance:≤5%R or 5Ω
Contact resistance variation:CRV≤5%R or 5Ω
Withstand Voltage:101.3kPa 600V,8.5kPa 360V
Effective electrical travel:30±2 cycles

Environment Characteristics

Rated Power(315V max): 0.5W 70℃,0W 125℃
Temperature range:-55℃~+125℃
Mechanical Endurance: 200 cycles

Mechanical Performance

Total Mechanical Travel: 30±2 cycles
Staring Torque:≤36mN.m
Clutch Torque:≥50mN.m


50pcs.per tube, 500pcs per row.  1K/2K/5Kpcs per small box  20000pcs per master carton.

Lead Time

As soon as possible( around 2-7 days)

Payment Terms

50% before production, 50% before delivery