SR2512 with solder terminals Rotary Switches

SR2512 with solder terminals Rotary Switches


Switch rating: DC30V/1A

Mechanical performance

Rotation torque: 0.5±

Stopper strength3kg for 15 seconds

Strength of terminals when 2kg force are weighted on top of terminal for every direction in 1 minute, loose staking of terminal and damage on stator board should not exist.

Total rotation angle:30±3°

Life cycles: 10000 cycles

Electrical performance

Contact resistance: less than 30MΩ on DC5V/1A measured by voltage decreasing method or measured by 1KHz less than 2mV.

Insulation resistance:  more than 100MΩ, on DC500V. Measured by insulation tester.

Withstand voltage:  AV500V(50~60Hz) for 1 min.

Temperature range: -55~+85