TG803 With knob trimmer potentiometer

TG803 With knob trimmer potentiometer


Electrical Performance

Value Range: 100Ω~1MΩ

Resistance Tolerance:±10% & ±20%

Resistance TaperB type

Rated Power0.5W

Max. Operated Voltage: 250V

Residual Resistance10Ω,R1KΩ; 1% of Max., R1KΩ

Sliding Noise: 80mv

Soldering Temperature260℃±5within 3 seconds


Mechanical Performance:

Rotational Angle: 240°±5°

Rotational Torque: 3~30mN.m

Rotational Stopper Strength: 50mN.m

Rotational Life: 10000 cycles

Package: 200pcs per bag. 10000pcs per carton.

Delivery Time:  As soon as possible( around two weeks)

Payment Terms:  50% before production, 50% before delivery