SR085 8mm Cermet Adjustable Power Resistor
Adjustable Power Resistor are designed to withstand and dissipate large amounts of power. In general they have a power rating of at least 5 Watt. They are made from materials with a high thermal conductivity, allowing efficient cooling. They are often designed to be coupled with heat sinks to be able to dissipate the high amount of power. Some might even need forced air or liquid cooling while under maximum load. Some are wire wound, some are made from wire grids for ease of cooling, but the common thing for all power resistors is that they are built to dissipate the most power while keeping their size as small as possible. An example use for power resistors are load banks used to dissipate power generated during engine braking in vehicles using electrical motors, such as locomotives or trams.

SR085 8mm Cermet Adjustable Power Resistor


Electrical Performance

Value Range:500Ω~2.2MΩ
Resistance Tolerance:±10% & ±20%
Resistance Taper:B type
Rated Power:0.1W
Max. Operated Voltage:AC 50V
Residual Resistance:Max. to 2%*R,no more than 30Ω
Solder-ability:less than 260℃ within 3 seconds

Mechanical Performance

Rotational Angle:265°±5°
Rotation Stopper Max
Durability:5000 cycles


1000pcs per poly bag in an individual box.
20000pcs/30000pcs/50000pcs per carton.

Delivery Time

As soon as possible (7~14 days)