HDK 3x3 SMD Trimmer Potentiometer ( Low profile type )
The HDK 3x3 SMD Trimmer Potentiometer is a 2mm SMD Trimmer Potentiometer, open type with ultra-small and thin external dimensions of 2.0(W)×2.0(L)×0.8 maximum(T) ,Au-plated termination, achieves a high density PCB mounting,Two-piece parts construction achieves low cost and excellent qualit, Cross-shaped driver slot allows for in-process automatic adjustment, provides superior · Special resin substrate allows high peak temperature for reflow soldering adjustability.

HDK 3x3 SMD Trimmer Potentiometer ( Low profile type )



Low profile type (0.8mm in height)
Achieved exellent endurance characteristics by using "Metal-glaze" film.
Conform to RoHS Directives
Reflow solderable

Dimensins Unit (mm)


Item Specification Unit Note
Nominal Total Rasistance 100 ~ 1M Ω
Rasistance Tolerance ±25 %
Rotational Torque 0.49 ~ 7.84 mN·m
Total Mechanical Rotation Angle 240±20 ° Without stopper
Rated Wattage 0.1 W
Max. Working Voltage 50 or V=√ ̄PR whichever is smaller V
T.C.R. (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) ±250 ppm/℃
Operating Temperature Range -40 ~ 100

Model Designation