R1001N Thumbwheel Potentiometer With Switch
R1001N Thumbwheel Potentiometer With Switch is is a switch, power adjustment, etc., can be used for guitars, radios, wireless signal transmitters and other equipment. It can also be used for lighting adjustment in places such as aviation and electromechanical equipment. Sound, signal, power, etc. can be easily adjusted by electrodeless adjustment.

R1001N Thumbwheel Potentiometer With Switch


Electrical Performance

Value Range: 500Ω~1M
Resistance Tolerance:±10% & ±20%
Residual Resistance:   20Ω Max.;  
Resistance Taper:B type
Rated Power:0.03W
Max. Operated Voltage:50V AC/ 12V DC
Soldering Temperature:250℃±5℃ within 2 seconds
Sliding Noise: ≤47mv

Mechanical Performance:

Rotational Angle: 270°±5°
Rotational Torque: 10~100gf.cm
Rotational Stopper Strength: ≤0.7Kgf.cm
Rotational Life: 10000 cycles


500pcs/1000pcs per bag. 10000pcs per carton.

Delivery Time:

As soon as possible( around 7-10 days)

Payment Terms:

50% before production, 50% before delivery