Straight Key Switch
The adjustable resistance is also called variable resistance. Its English is Rheostat. The adjustable resistance is a kind of resistance.
The resistance value of the adjustable resistance can be adjusted manually to meet the needs of the circuit.
Adjustable resistance can be divided into many different types and types according to the size of the resistance value, the adjustment range, adjustment form, manufacturing process,
production materials, volume size, etc., divided into: adjustable resistance of electronic components, adjustable porcelain plate Resistors, SMD adjustable resistors, wirewound resistors, etc.
The nominal value of the adjustable resistance is that the standard can be adjusted to the maximum resistance of the resistance. In theory, the resistance of the adjustable resistance can be adjusted to any value within 0 and the
nominal value, but because of the actual structure and design accuracy requirements, etc. For reasons, it is not always easy to achieve "arbitrary" requirements by 100%. It is only "substantially" adjusted within the allowable range
to change the resistance.